Most generally, we study ecology at various levels (organismal/life history, population, and community levels) - basic and applied.

Current studies include temporary pool ecology, mosquito ecology, amphibian conservation and ecology, green roof ecology, marine ecology.


Leon Blaustein Professor of Ecology
Alan R. Templeton Professor of Human, Evolutionary and Conservation Genetics
Meital Stein MSc Student, Anuran ecology
Sahar Rosenfeld MSc Student, Mosquito ecology
Lital Ozeri MSc Student, Salamander ecology
Antonina Polevikove MSc Student, Salamandra ecology and genetics
Omar Bawab PhD student, Green roof ecology
Amiel Vasl PhD student. Green roof ecology
Brachi Schindler PhD Student, Green roof ecology
Yiftach Sinai PhD Student, Salamandra ecology and conservation
Maxim Krakhmalnyi Postdoctoral Fellow, Mosquito Ecology
Nada Pezaro Postdoctoral Fellow, Salamander and Mosquito Ecology
Valentina Rovelli Postdoctoral Fellow, Salamander Conservation and Genomics
Ori Segev Postdoctoral Fellow, Salamandra ecology, evolutionary ecology
Ran Lotan Research Assistant, Green roof ecology
Olga Ribak Gurevich Research Assistant, Green Roof, Mosquito, and Salamandra Ecology
Hadar Shalom Research Assistant, Molecular Biology
Eliane Kupfer Visiting PhD Student, Salamandra ecology and genetics
Daniel Goedbloed Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Salamandra ecology and genetics




Community Ecology Lab
Institute of Evolution, Room 240
Dep. of Evolutionary & Environmental Biology
Faculty of Sciences
University of Haifa
Haifa 31905, Israel

Israel Journal of Ecology & Evolution



Leon Blaustein
University of Haifa, Israel

Burt P. Kotler
Ben-Gurion University, Israel

The Israel Journal of Ecology & Evolution is dedicated to publishing high quality original research and review papers that advance our knowledge and understanding of the function, diversity, abundance, distribution, and evolution of organisms at all levels of biological organization as they interact with their biotic and abiotic environments. Conceptual and empirical contributions are all welcome. While we give special consideration to studies based in Israel, Mediterranean climate areas, the Mediterranean Basin, and the entire Middle East, we will consider any high quality contribution regardless of geography. To further our goals, we regularly publish special compendium issues on timely and exciting subjects guest-edited by outstanding scientists active in the field. Those wishing to suggest a topic or edit a special volume are invited to submit proposals to the editors. We are dedicated to a rapid, high quality review process.

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