Amiel Vasl

PhD student. Green roof ecology
Phone: +972-4-8288328

My research on green roof ecology is mainly focused on implementing and testing ecological theory on the ever growing green roof phenomena. These unique enclosed habitats created in urban surroundings can serve to test community ecology in both floral and faunal levels.
I am interested in finding ecological theory that will enhance the diversity and stability of the green roof community. As well as enhancing the diversity and stability I wish to establish the advantages of these traits on a green roof.

List of Publications

Blank L, Vasl A, Levy S, Grant G, Kadas G, Dafni A and Blaustein L (2013). Directions in green roof research: a bibliometric study. Building and Environment 66: 23-128 PDF Journal Link


Community Ecology Lab
Institute of Evolution, Room 240
Dep. of Evolutionary & Environmental Biology
Faculty of Sciences
University of Haifa
Haifa 31905, Israel

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